7 Benefits Of Having A Shopify Store

Being a name that more than 90% of the world of e-commerce is well aware of, Shopify is an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution, that provides you with everything that is needed to set up and start your business online. Great for the stores that sell goods or services needing a minimal amount of configuration, Shopify provides you with tools to help customise your storefront, organize your products, track and respond to all the orders, and a lot more. Since we all are aware of the fact that picking the right platform for your e-commerce could actually make your business rather than breaking it, here are the top 7 benefits of Shopify, which ultimately lead towards boosting your ROI, and enhancing your business revenue and returns.

1. Efficient And Easy To Set Up And Use:

With Shopify, all you really need is a product to sell, because everything else is pretty sorted otherwise. Being a no-fuss platform, Shopify offers an easy way to quickly and efficiently launch an online store with a complete solution, with no technicalities in terms of hosting and development of the store. The software and the hosting that is needed to launch the website, is offered by the platform itself. While the admin-interface is user-friendly, clean and quite intuitive because all the features are logically structured, the user-interface is compelling, too.

2. Reliable and Secure:

Having an e-commerce store equates to dealing with sensitive personal and financial information of the customers, along with the impatient customers, themselves. This means, your site needs to be secure, fast, and always available online. This is where Shopify comes into picture. Being highly reliable and secure, this hosted solution will take care of the server maintenance and all the upgrades, to keep your store and shopping cart available each time, and ensure that the pages load quickly, always. It also takes care of the PCI compliance, and SSL certificates for you, while encrypting all the data, and making everything secure.

3. Highly Customisable:

With numerous options to choose from, (both free and paid)you will surely be spoilt for choice, when it comes to the beautiful storefront themes, all of which are mobile responsive, and fully customisable by editing the code. Forall business needs, right from Tech, Photography and Art, food and Beverage, Furniture, Jewellery and Accessories, you can create a beautiful and unique online shop that perfectly fits your brand identity, and caters to your set of audience.

4. Excellent Loading Speed:

Being a globally hosted solution, Shopify has highlyoptimized hardware and software, along with a reliable andsecure infrastructure. This results in giving the platform alightning-fast (actually super fast) loading speed, whichhelps the e-commerce websites made on it, load in just amatter of few seconds.

5. Customer Support:

Shopify websites are huge on customer support. By choosing this e-commerce platform, online sellers can avail round-the-clock and efficient customer support. Shopify experts are available 24/7 via phone, email, or web chat, to resolve any queries, and keep the store running flawlessly by keeping a fairly instant response time. In addition, there are a number of community forums, a range of advanced ShopifyUniversity guides, along with extensive documentation in the Shopify Help Centre.

6. SEO Friendly:

Having a beautiful online store is great, but you’ll be pulling down the virtual shutters in no time if people don’t visit you. One of the biggest advantages of Shopify includes its powerful SEO features. Along with helping you rank your website higher in search results, it grants you the access to advanced analytics, to help you understand where your customers are coming from, so that you could tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. It also improves the ability to design landing pages for the campaigns, and supports SEO parameters like custom title tags, and meta tags, all adding up to form the cherry on the cake.

7. Easy Payment:

Offering a secure and reliable payment gateway could be a task for online retailers, but this isn’t the case with Shopify. Having integrated with dozens of payment gateways, it also offers its own, which is powered by Stripe. It gives the buyers the edge of making transactions without incurring any transaction fees, plus benefiting from lower credit card fees.

Thus, with such amazing features, Shopify is truly one of the best choices for e-commerce store development, where sellers can either have their online stores created on it, or have their existing ones migrated to it.